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In 1985 we began delivering co-op direct mail advertising in the Howell and Brighton area, through the U.S. Postal Service. We quickly expanded our delivery zones to include most of Livingston County, The western third of Oakland County, as well as the cities of Port Huron and Marysville, Michigan. As soon as we built these markets up we realized our individual customer service was seriously lacking and therefore, immediately stepped away from the expanded delivery areas.

Now focusing all of our attention on servicing the Livingston County businesses and residents, our customer service was back in order. It is our intent to represent only local businesses to Livingston County residents, therefore, truly staying to our commitment of “ONLY LOCAL”.

Throughout the first half a dozen years we experimented with different shapes, sizes, colors and mailing times throughout the month. With input from businesses and residents, as well as, our own trial and error, we settled in on what now is the traditional coupon delivered in the familiar “Pink Envelope”. As time has progressed we have produced this website for 24/7 access to all of your favorite coupons.

In addition to the co-op direct mailings and the coupons available on our website, we are asking all of our visitors to sign up to have the Pocket Pleaser emailed directly to them.

We look forward to this new adventure and hope to provide new businesses each time you visit.

Thank you for asking about us.

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